Clear Tenant Features

Simple to get started without fuss and with assistance

Get started easily and quickly so that you start enjoying the benefits quickly. Using a Smart, intelligent load tool supplied with the system you map your existing assets from an excel spreadsheet to the system and hit load. Then you load your tenants and they are automatically loaded and associated with the property asset. It might even be the same load.

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Use the system as your Asset Management database

An added benefit of a key feature is that you are able to utilise the system as an Asset Management database. As the system now holds details of all the properties you now have an online digital repository of all the properties in your register. This now gives the capability for much more effective Management Information and Intelligence reporting.

Only Pay For A Transaction When You Accept The Fault.

This means that you are not paying when a Tenant reports a fault but only when your Property Manager or Landlord accepts the fault as real and the Contractor completes the repair. Limits can be set between the Property Manager and the Landlord on an upper limit cost before the Landlord has to become involved and approve the the fix.

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Property Manager, Landlord And Tenant Can Track The Faults Pertinent To Them Online.

Using a browser or the Android or Apple App all participants can now track the progress of the reported fault in real-time through the workflow process stages. The Landlord can see all the Faults raised for their properties at any time online. A Landlord can see the status, progress, messages and costs associated with one or many faults.

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Tenant, Property Managers, Landlords And Contractors Can Use A Browser Or The App To Report And Manage Faults.

Any of the users can use a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge to access the system or can use the Apple or Android Apps. The Apps give the user flexibility and dynamiic, simple access to their own personalised dashboard. Making it fast and easy to use they get the information presented to them that is associated with them.

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Contractor Can Access The Work Order Via The App And Report On Its Progress.

The Contractor has a logon to the system free of charge and so can see and update all the Work Orders assigned to them. By giving the Contractors access the most up-to-date status and actual costs of the fault can be maintained on the system. Cost and time delay overruns are monitored and require explanation. Now the Contractor can see.

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Email Alerting When There Is Response Needed From Property Manager Or Landlord.

We don't just use one method of notifying the user that there is an action outstanding. As well as seeing it in the system they also get an email to tell them that they have an action to do. They don't have to spend all of their time checking the system as an email alert will notify them that they need to logon and take an action.

Tenant, Property Manager And Landlord Can See The Status Of Every Fault.

The Tenant can see all the Faults they have entered for their Property. The Landlord/Owner can see all the Faults entered for the Properties that they own and the Property Manager can see all the Faults for the Properties they are managing. They can easily filter the information to show those that need some sort of action or follow-up based upon outstanding activity or dates.

Fault Is Not Active Until The Property Manager Or The Landlord Accepts And Authorises.

The Tenant can raise multiple faults and may raise faults in error. The system does not charge for any transaction until it is approved. This way the Property Manager and/or Landlord control the costs being incurred whilst ensuring that the Tenant stays happy but with a balance against the expenditure and investment being made in the property.

Modern, State-Of-The-Art Technology Allows For Greater Stability And Performance.

The system is a Cloud based, Software as a Service utilising the latest Microsoft technology, up to the minute technology frameworks and run on a Microsoft Cloud service and infrastructure. It can be scaled up depending upon the size of your asset base. It is International and can manage properties as assets on a country or even global basis.

Pre-set Property Inspection or Maintenance Schedules

Work Orders raised automatically against a property on pre-defined planned maintenance and/or inspection schedules as a "Set and Forget" feature. or raised ad-hoc against undefined assets or locations

Integrated Help And "How To Use" Guides.

There are Help buttons on every screen with Help text to explain the details of what is being displayed. The system is pretty easy to use and people learn how to use it naturally within minutes. To support the user, however, there are a set of "How to" guides.

Enterprise Asset Management Solution: Manage entire asset lifecycle from tracking to disposals

Use the system as an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system and keep track of all your assets and inventory items in your units/properties across your portfolio. Understand the lifecycle and maintenance of your inventory so plan for better, more efficient and easier maintenance and reduce the costs of maintaining your properties

Asset Management Features

Asset Information

Get detailed and up-to-date information about your assets, including descriptions, purchase details, & maintenance history, all in one centralized system

Check In/Out

Easily manage the movement of assets by tracking check-ins and check-outs, ensuring accountability and preventing loss or misuse

QR/Barcode Designer

Create custom QR codes or barcodes for your assets, enabling quick and efficient scanning for asset tracking and management

Assets Due For Return

Stay on top of assets that are scheduled for return, ensuring timely retrieval and preventing unnecessary delays or losses

Asset Disposals

Streamline the process of disposing assets by tracking and managing the disposal workflow, ensuring compliance and proper documentation

Mobile Apps

Access asset management features on the go with mobile apps, allowing you to track and manage assets from anywhere, anytime

Depriciation Calculations

Automate depreciation calculations for your assets, ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance with accounting standards

Partner-Owned Assets

Get detailed and up-to-date information about your assets, including descriptions, purchase details, & maintenance history, all in one centralized system

Asset Reminders

Set reminders for important asset-related activities like maintenance, renewals, inspections, ensuring timely action & preventing oversights