Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. The system has a set of smart filters that allow you to select whichever data you wish in whatever set you wish.

There may be a few who still want to phone or email or contact you by some other means. You will have to discourage that as the system will save you both time and money. You have the facility to resend them their logon email with their userid and password and you should just suggest that they have to log their issue using the new method. If you are strong enough then they will learn. Once they use it they will see it saves them time as well.

This is harder as you may need to chase them to reply. It comes down to ease of use and process and showing them the benefits. It is up to you but an increased management fee if they don't use the system would pay for your time.

Simplicity itself. We have a set of Excel templates that we can either transpose your data into or you can do it. If you are using Excel then you will already have the Tenant, Landlord, Property and Contractor data. This is all we need to load the system. We can even apply rules on the data import to clean the data or modify it.

Relatively simple if we can extract the data from your old system to Excel or a CSV format or even a JSON format. If we cannot then we may have to spend a few days working with you to understand your existing system so we can create an interface to it directly so we can then get the data.

The system is mobile on your smart Android or Apple phone or on tablets. You can see and do all the work on the mobile App. You can be visiting one property whilst communicating about another.

Yes, they can see the history of all the issues they have raised and the details within each issue of all the actions taken.

Yes, the Property/Estate Manager can see the details of any issue for any property. They can also see the number of issues for a property across its history regardless of who the Tenant was.

You set the limits in agreement with the Landlord and then you set them in the system configuration. If a repair is below the limit then the Property Manager can authorise but if the repair is above the limit then it gets referred to the Landlord.

There are warnings and emails in the system to alert you when something is overdue. The system is process driven and so the Landlord will know that there are actions that they need to take. If the Landlord is being unresponsive and you have to keep chasing them then it wouldn't matter if they are using the system or not using the system. They would still be costing you money.

Yes, you can flag if a property needs a warning so that the Contractor gets the warning before they go to the property.

Yes, we can put the access onto your web site or give you the links so your web Manager can do this. This will mean that your Tenants and your Landlord can access the system from your web site and not have to remember another URL. They can also use the App for all day-to-day tasks.

Absolutely not. Once the data is loaded, which we can help with, and the process setup, again we can help with this, the system will tell you when there is an action you must take. You can, if you wish, monitor the system to make sure that the process is working. For your own work as a Property/Estate Manager you can setup a view which will show you all those items that you need to work on. This may be to authorise a repair, authorise a quote, authorise a contractor to start work or something else. You do these things by moving the transaction on to the next Process Stage. So, for example, you logon one morning and there are 10 records waiting for your authorisation. You go into each record, review the current status and either authorise it by moving it onto the next process stage and status or you ask for more information by moving it back or you stop it completely. It takes minutes rather than hours of conversations. Once you update the transaction then the Tenant sees immediately what has been decided by the updated comments and the new status. Minutes of work rather than hours.