Clear Tenant Benefits

Reduce Cost

Property Managers and Landlords can get an immediate and up-to-the-second cost position across all their Properties or for one Property. Use your existing data of Properties, Landlords and Tenants to load the system. Reduce your costs - by moving to a Cloud based product you don't have to look after your system technical administration. We do it for you. Fast Start-Up, quick and easy intelligent bulk data load facility, accurate reporting and a reduced workload for your own staff.

Attract new Customers - Increase your Business

Attract new Landlord and new Properties under Management by selling the benefits of the system. Turn the Fault system into a revenue stream by adding a margin onto the transaction cost of every Fault accepted. Easy to convert from an existing old legacy system. Eradicate those issues and frustrations that you have with existing systems whilst gaining on time-saving newer technology.

More Time - More Productivity - More Profit

Reduce the Hassle - More time for your staff to work on your business rather than on maintaining the product or your data and also reduce your costs - Vastly reduce the time your staff spend on the phone discussing problems with Tenants or Landlords. By buying a pay-as-you-go, Commercial-of-the-Shelf Cloud based product you release yourself and your staff from managing software suppliers and software or dealing with extensive and complicated Excel spreadsheets which is never a good idea.

Improved Communications - Reduced Stress

Improve Landlord, Tenant and Contractor relationships with higher quality and improved communications. More efficient, traceable, timely and more accurate reduces the stress and workload for everybody involved. No matter where they are in the world Landords can see all the faults, their status, their actual and quoted cost and what actions they need to take at a glance using the App or the browser. You increase your profile and business by making it easier and less time consuming for Landlords.

Reduce Faults

Track trends identifying Tenants who report above average faults, repeated faults or high cost faults. Identify possible Property abuse from frequency of faults. Track trends that identify problem properties or problem Tenants. Tenants have immediate access to their own faults to monitor status and progress - no more angry phone calls.

Pay Per Use

No initial capital outlay - pay per use. You can even choose, if you wish to utilise the feature, to add in and set the %age of a Management margin on the Work Order costs so that you can reclaim the cost of managing the fault. This way you actually don't pay for the system at all.

Better Data - Better Information - Better Control - Better Business

No More struggling with difficult Excel spreadsheets trying to maintain data accuracy & integrity. No More long, delayed, missed or telephone-tag calls with Contractors, Landlords and Tenant. Let the system do the work for you.

Cloud Base System

CLEAR-Tenant is a Cloud service of a browser based interface that is supported by mobile APPs that allows Tenants of leased or rented properties to easily and quickly report and then track property maintenance issues.

Easy to Learn and Use

Get a current picture as soon as you load. Increased data integrity and accuracy. We ensure that the data is correct at point of entry. This prevents confusion and time spent resolving duplicate, mis-entered or inconsistent data. No need to cater for or manage your own software process or system.

Centralised and Individual Dashboards

All User activity and all status across the system driven from the one Dashboard view that is individual to the user role. The only view the User needs shows the information in an expandable view, Clear-View©™.

Warnings, Alerts & Notifications

Warning notifications against each entry allows the user to focus on the real priority issues without it getting lost in a data forest. The system actively alerts the user when an action is needed.

History and Audit Trail

It is easy to see full activity history against the Property. For example, see what issues have been raised and when; what Work Orders were raised and what stages they went through and so their lifecycle. Having the ability to trace back allows an audit trail to prove Duty of Care has been reasonable.