Clear Tenant CRM

Imagine an easy to use, simple to implement Maintenance & Problem reporting and management system that saves you and your staff time, effort and money in. A simple but sophisticated domestic Property fault logging system. Built for Property Managers/Leasing/Estate Agents to alleviate the time, effort and cost in handling property maintenance issues.

CRM Features

Clear Tenant Web browser or App access to raise maintenance faults at their leased/rented property. Customisable workflow process so that the Property Manager and/or Landlord needs to give approval of costs. Work Order raised for Contractor assignment. Progress status of Work Order monitored via App. Modern and technologically up-to-date replacement for your existing legacy system. We will give you the first month for free. Nothing to pay on registration. If you don’t like it or if it isn't giving you the benefits then just stop using it. Only pay for the transactions that you approve as a Work Order. Only pay for what you use.

Mobile Apps

Easy to get started – Cloud based system supported by mobile APPs, A single system to hold all the data and manage the issues reported by tenants. Our App support on both Android and Apple smart phones so that the Property Manager and Tenants can keep up-to-date. You can easily download app and its also use friendly.

Simple Workflow

Simple workflow process that gives you control over approvals and authorisations, Send authorised Work Order to Contractor via a simple workflow step. It is Easy to use with no learning curve required for the Property Manager, Landlord or Tenant. Cloud based, Transaction based system where you pay by transaction.


Everything you need to organize track, and build better relationships. Give Tenants immediate update via the App or web browser. Holds all the issues history for a tenant and a property Send approved Work Orders direct to the Contractors and keep their progress visible. Every problem raised is assigned to a Work Order for seamless tracking & processing.


Management & Analysis

Solutions for Every Single Problems

Come up with us, we have solution to your problem. Our goal is Property Managers and Landlords can get an immediate and up-to-the-second cost position across all their Properties or for one Property.

Use & Customization

Getting better way to Saas uses

CLEAR-Tenant is a Cloud service of a browser based interface that is supported by mobile APPs. Our CRM helps to attract new landlord and new properties.


Pricing & Plans

Our pricing and charging system allows us to charge in a wide variety of ways to suit the needs and budgets of our customers. We can charge per user per month, per Work Order and/or Method Statement used on a pay-per-use basis, on an property basis or on any other combination.

Pay Per Use

For every transaction you then issue we subtract the price of the transaction from your balance.


  • Price Per Transaction.
  • Unlimited Property.
  • Unlimited Users.
  • Unlimited Work Orders.

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I have confidence that my software is doing what it should. I am so happy with this software. I am a bit surprised at all the excellent ratings.


Somalia D Silva Property Manager

I am happy with this software. As compared to other products, this one excels far beyond any other similar product.


David Warner Director

Our experience with Clear Tenant has been great! It is user-friendly and it makes sense! It allows you to edit and change where necessary as required, without a lot of panics. We all love Clear Tenant.


Jems Gilario Business Manager

On the other hand denoun with righteous and disliks men who are beguiled demorae momentc blinded by desire that can


David Warner Property Manager

On the other hand denoun with righteous and disliks men who are beguiled demorae momentc blinded by desire that can


Jems Gilario Asistant Director

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Responding to the new guideline of social distancing .

From last month due to the pandemic situation, landlords have had to adapt to new ways of working and it looks like social distancing is here to stay. For being healthy we are preparing a plan that will surely help to minimize the risk everywhere where we can.

Without panic get our mobile and desktop app to mange your property.

Providing service to the customer, both landlords and tenants will feel valued and heard, leading to variety of benefits for your business. There are some steps that surely help to improve customer service.

Best Marketing Strategies for Property Management Companies

The best marketing strategies for property management companies are comprehensive, encompassing everything from understanding your prospects to optimizing budgets with attribution models. We have some to follow for improve marketing for property management companies

Without panic get our mobile and desktop app to mange your property.