How To Get Started

All It Takes is 15 Minutes To Start To Take Control And Start To Get Real Benefits


You Register to use the system and we give you the first few transactions for free so you can setup and try out the system.

2Register and Assign Your Employees

Now you register your employees who will be using the system and assign them a role. They will then be sent an email with their username and password. You can do this through a bulk loader if you have a lot of them.

3Load your Landlords and Contractors

Again using the Smart Import routines you load up your Landlords and Contractors. You can also do this one by one using the system browser interface. You also set the limits for things like cost approvals at this time. As the Landlords and Contractors are registered they get sent a Welcome email with their username and password and a link to the mobile App. This Welcome email can be customised by yourselves for your own Company.

4Load Your Tenants and Properties

You then use the supplied Import routines to load your Properties Under Management and their existing Tenants.

5Email confirmation

You then register your Tenants who then get an email and a text message welcoming them to the system, pointing them to the App for download and giving them their logon details.

You then register the Contractors you wish to use so they can download the App and receive job/work orders assigned to them.

6Tenants Still Making Phone Calls

Of course you are bound to get a few but you are able to change and set your own policy and so pointing them at the App or Browser system and giving them their username and password start to engender good behaviour. They will soon come to appreciate their own time savings and clearer, more accurate and more timely information.

7Approval or rejection of an issue

When a Tenant raises an issue the Property Manager and/or the Landlord either approves or rejects it. If rejected, the issue gets updated with the reason and the Tenant gets notified. If approved the Property Manager then assigns to a Contractor.

Once assigned the Contractor arranges to do the job and all status and progress updates are placed on the Work Order.